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edge at 11:00. the news edge all over the earthquake disaster in japan. fears growing by the hour tonight about two nuclear reactors. levels inside one, a whopping 1,000 times higher than normal. no one is sure how it will get brought under control. the cooling systems inside those reactors knocked out by the most powerful earthquake in japan's history followed by a massive tsunami. as many as 1,000 people are feared dead. fox 5's roz plater monitoring the images of devastation still coming into the newsroom tonight. >> that earthquake struck almost 24 hours ago now, about 3:00 in the afternoon when folks were at home, work or shopping. many picked up their cell phones and began recording that 8.9 quake. here now the impact through their eyes. this video taken inside the home of a young japanese family, the father walking from room to room capturing the frightening tremors and surveying the damage as his
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daughters duck under a table for cover. at the same time workers in a grocery store dodging cans as they come flying off the shelves. more terrifying moments at an airport terminal, so much shaking part of the ceiling comes crashing down. and no safe haven in the streets as parts of rumbling buildings become airborne missiles. then you can hear the stunned onlookers literally as the second wave arrives, the tsunami hits, a massive wall of water upending ships like toys. and their troubles are hardly over. those aftershocks continue. 2million people are without power, phone lines are down and travel by air or land now almost nonexistent. >> the fairfax county search and rescue team is heading to japan to look for survives. 74 members of virginia task force one got the call to
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mobilize this triggering an all pack up and head out. six canine teams are making the trip to japan, sore three doctors, paramedics and structural engineer -- so are three doctors, paramedics and structural engineers. families desperate to find their loved ones in japan have been turning to the internet for help. >> much of japan never lost internet service during the earthquake and tsunami and on sites like facebook and twitter many victims have been posting status updates, comments and pictures of the devastation. one man we spoke to was able to connect with family and friends which has been a huge relief. >> i just was on facebook. my friends commented on his status. >> lori takazawa has been on the internet all day connecting with family and friends caught in the middle of the 8.9
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magnitude earthquake and tsunami. >> from the beginning i couldn't reach them. then by the internet is working in japan. >> reporter: there are postings on twitter and facebook, friends updating their status, others sending their condo lens. i'm sorry one writes. another -- condolences. i'm sorry one writes. another says i was really worried. on another site a friend posted this video shot as the earthquake hit. takazawa says luckily everyone is fine including his family in tokyo. he finally reached them by phone earlier friday and says they are describing widespread damage, but he says despite the devastation many remain resilient. he said that may be because earthquakes are common in japan, but he adds there is concern about what may still happen in the days ahead. he wishes he could do more. >> very frustrating watching and i cannot do anything. i cannot help, just praying for
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the souls. >> reporter: takazawa is a correspondent for a japanese newspaper said phone service was restored fairly quickly today but for many the internet remains the main mode of communication. tsunami warnings for hawaii and the west coast, the ripple effect from the japan quake. look at this wave making its way inland in ventura harbor, california. water leafs rose in marina del rey -- levels rose in marina del rey churning up whirlpools as well. water levels rose 4 feet. our coverage continues on www.myfoxdc.comful you'll find the latest develops and pictures of the -- you'll find the latest developments and picks of the aftermath. it's -- pictures of the aftermath. it's all but said and done. a lockout of the nfl seems inevitable tonight. fox 5's lindsay murphy with more on what happened. >> the league and players couldn't agree on a new cbs, so just hours before the expiration of the contract the
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union decided to break up. the two sides are at odds about how much money owners should get from revenue and how much financial data players should receive from the league. the labor talks will now go from negotiations to litigation. nfl owners can choose to lock out the players, but several players including star quarterbacks tom brady, payton manning and drew brees have filed suit to prevent a lockout. let's listen to both sides. >> we believe that ultimately this is going to be negotiated at the negotiating table. they've chosen to pursue another strategy and that is their choice. >> any business where two partners don't trust each other, any business where one party says you need to do x, y and z because i told you is a business that is not only not run well, it is a business that can never be a successful -- as successful as it can be. >> now this is a move players are not happy about, specifically skins linebacker london fletcher tweeting
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tonight that, "decertification wasn't what any of us wanted. fans, please stick with us while all of this gets worked out." >> have to see how the fans react to all this as well. maryland could have been the next state to allow gay marriage, details on what happened today to puts the decision on hold at least for now. it's no secret the district is in a serious cash crunch, so why is the mayor's chief of staff making more than rahm emanuel did working for the president? first a quick check of that rundown. be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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the news edge on maryland where the house of delegate killed legalizing gay marriage today. supporters said they didn't think they had the 71 votes needed to pass the bill. the measure would have given the same rights to same sex couples. why are d.c. officials making more than is legally allowed? city records show eight top managers recently hired by new mayor vincent gray make more than a salary cap allows for their positions. fox 5's matt ackland is breaking down the numbers. >> reporter: the district of columbia is going through tough financial times, so much so employees are being forced to take unpaid days off. so why has the mayor still decided to pay eight top executives more than the law allows? >> i do know that some of these salaries are beyond the range that the council has permitted. >> reporter: as chairperson of the committee on government
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operations and the environment, mary cheh and her staff put together this draft that pinpoints which employees are making more than they should. let's take a look. jerry mason is the mayor's chief of staff. she makes $200,000 a year. warren graves is the chief of staff for the city administrator. he makes $195,000 a year. district law says neither should make more than $193,125. now let's take a look at executive service appointments. their salaries should hit the ceiling at $179,096. four executives make almost $1,000 more than the law allows, but look at the new fire chief kenneth ellerbe at $187,300 kaya henderson who was just confirmed as schools chancellor. she is pulling in as much as michelle rhee did. the difference? rhee had the council's approval
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to be paid $275,000 a year. >> we owe the residents a detailed description of why and how that's happening. i mean we've even found that some people are being paid in excess of what the law allows. >> reporter: council member cheh is making it clear. the mayor can come to the council and request these eight employees get paid more, but if he doesn't or the council says no, the salaried limits will stick. >> if they don't get permission, then their salary will be commensurately reduced so that for the whole year they won't go over the cap. >> reporter: the mayor's office sent us a statement friday saying, "the mayor and city administrator are reviewing the cheh report and indeed will review compensation schedules for all district employees. the mayor looks forward to working with the council on this matter." in the past the council has approved salaries above the cap. michelle rhee is one. police chief cathy lanier is another. she makes about $230,000 a year. keep in mind council members
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make $125,000 a year. the mayor brings in $200,000 a year. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. going to lose an hour of sleep this weekend. plus, ladies, if you don't drink a cup of coffee in the morning, we've got a study that might have you changing your mind. 
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a weekend reminder so you're not late for anything
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sunday and the reason why oil prices are on their way down. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> brian, we're starting off tonight with a pain at the gas pump. no. 5, the national average for a gallon of regular now 3.54. the recent unrest in lybia drove oil price ups and gas prices with them, but the earthquake and tsunami any japan are bringing those prices back down it. hopefully it will trickle back down to -- down. hopefully it will trickle back down to the gas pump. no. 4, google giving you more control oh your searches. you can choose to block dough -- over your searches. you can choose to block domain names. no. 3, excess fat is bad for your body no matter where it's stored. previous research found people with more fat around their midsection had a higher risk of heart attack and strokes, but now researchers say blood cholesterol memories and blood pressure readings are much better indicators. no. 2, ladies, listen up, swedish
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researchers say your morning cup of coffee may reduce a risk of stroke. women who croc drank a cup of coffee a day had -- drank a cup of coffee a day had up to 25% lower risk of strokes. no. 1, you're going to lose an hour of sleep this weekend. set your clock ahead an hour for daylight saving time. it's 2 a.m. sunday. it's also a good time to check out the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and, brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. you've seen a lot of amazing weather video today, but here's another bit. this is actually not the weather video. this is something entirely different. why don't we jump out of that and move on to weather. maybe we'll get some amazing weather video for you. >> i wanted to see that. >> it's a house that got swept into an ohio river, but maybe we'll get it. >> let's talk about our weather this weekend. we're finally warming up, got the rain behind us. all is good in the weather world. >> bring it on. the wind is the only weather
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worry and it's not really a weather worry. don't forget to set your clocks forward because if you don't you'll be late on sunday. let's show you what's going on out there tonight. there's still a few clouds. you can even kind of see them off in the distance here on our tower camera. now things will change a little bit overnight in the sense the clouds will clear. we'll show it to you in a second. 60 degrees on saturday, not bad, right? good on sunday, too 58. so a little cooler and then on monday more sunshine and 52. i think we'll have a good amount of cloud cover at times tomorrow, but we're also going have a good amount of sunshine, too. that will allow temperatures to get up to 60. a little dry frontal system comes from, such that we cool off a little sunday, but again we'll have more sunshine and slightly cooler air settles in monday. next week looks pretty good. we have a couple bumps in the road, but i do not see a big rain event much like we had yesterday or what we had last
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weekend coming on across for quite a while. as a matter of fact, don't even see it on the maps at all the next week or two. we need some time to dry out. 37 now gaithersburg, the cold spot, 41 manassas, 37 culpeper and 43 for fredericksburg. the skies are trying to clear. we'll use true view this evening and show you where the clouds are and where the clouds aren't. notice down to the south huer they're breaking up. there's more cloudiness -- here they're breaking up. there's more cloudiness coming from the west to east. this doesn't happen automatically. it will take probably most of the night to get these clouds out of here. we'll cool off. temperatures overnight will drop off pretty nice actually as you get close to freezing in some places around in the suburbs. gaithersburg 31 degrees tonight, manassas down to around 32, fredericksburg pretty much what we are in the city with temperatures tonight in the upper 30s. so quite a chilly start tomorrow morning. that is, if you're going to be getting up early.
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i actually think temperatures will warm up quickly and we'll quickly be into the 40s tomorrow by 9:00, 10:00 or so. only a few clouds tonight. once they get on out of here and the temperatures again in the suburbs will be down around freezing, only the upper 30s in town, winds west, southwest about 5 to 10 miles per hour. again once those winds lighten up, that's when the temperatures will get their coldest overnight tonight. kind of a mixture of clouds and sun tomorrow. again don't expect completely sunny skies because it won't be the case, but even with limited sunshine tomorrow temperature will be able to get up into the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. south of the metro maybe 61, 62. if you're north or northwest, you might expect temperatures tomorrow to be up into the upper 50s at best and the winds will be out of the southwest at 10 to 20. so we'll call it all things considered a mild day, but this is noon on futurecast. now how it's putting some clouds down on top of us, a little disturbance moving
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through and a little rain for western p.a., kind of out ahead of this frontal system, but it looks like as the front moves through tomorrow evening we'll stay completely dry. it will be basically a dry front for us. it gets through and sunday we're still looking good. again a little cooler here and there's another reinforcing area of cooler air that settles in for monday. it looks like we'll be able to keep this little wave working along this front far enough to the south on monday that it's not going to interfere with our weather at all. 60 again tomorrow. remember, spring ahead tomorrow night. 58 on sunday, lots of sunshine for monday, at least the way it stands now and then as we get into the middle part of next week, a few showers coming our way, but it does not look like a big rain event at all. terps take on the dukes tonight. lindsay comes back with a look at who won and who didn't. stay with us. the edge continues.
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy.
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unfortunately the nfl and players union couldn't agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. so the union has decertified or broken up and the labor talks have gone from negotiations to litigation. the two sides are at odds about how much money owners should get from revenue and how much financial data players should receive from the league. with the union having decertified nfl owners may choose to lock out the players, but several players including star quarterbacks tom brady, payton manning and drew brees have filed suit to prevent that from happening. here's reaction from both sides. >> we certainly were candidly taken back that our proposal around the type of thing we're doing was not met with a level of acceptance that we had thought it would be and that's just part of it. >> meet us halfway as your business partner and explain why you opted out of a deal where we know that the business
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of football is hearty. we know that the viewership is up. we know that the love and the fervor for our game has not waned. >> doc walker has some experience with the labor strikes back in the '80s, even playing during one of them. doc offers us insight and advice for the players. >> when you've got name brand guys on individual lawsuits and this is what it comes down to, that's a lot of power and these are some of the guys that haven't been signed yet. payton manning still hasn't resigned a deal. so you've got brady, manning, brees. you've got some power here. the most important thing that i've learned from having gone through this is that the players have got to remain together. maryland hoped they could go on a fairytale run in the acc tournament just like in 2004 when they ran the table and won the tile, but their ncaa tournament hopes were
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tested tonight. cliff tucker with the turn- around jumper and a 7-0 terps run tying the game at 31 but the blue devils respond. ryan kelly scored all 11 points in the 1st half and nails the three. duke ends the half on an 11-2 run. the blue devils up nine at the break. 2nd half terps down four. keyshawn howard from the corner buries the three and gives his old oak hill acme buddy a little pat on the backside. terps within one but duke are too much. the blue devils up five. seth curry gets the foul. he had 11. duke beats the it were for the third time this season, ouch -- terps for the third time this season, ouch, 87-71. >> it really hurts to lose that game. i thought we were in good shape with about 10 minutes left and to see it go away hurts, but at the same time we did a very good job in a tough situation getting ready to play this game. caps and hurricanes tonight, 3rd period, caps down 1-0, marcus johansson with the puck passes to alex ovechkin
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and ovie blasts past cam ward. ovie has been so hot lately. later in the period seconds after a successful penalty kill it goes right to jason arnett. he is stopped but matt hendricks is on clean-up duty and puts the caps ahead 2-1 and that is your final. the capitals win their seventh straight game. finally the nationals fall to the astros in spring training 7-6. that's all for sports. we will be right back. 
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taking the edge off tonight. there is a new national big cheese. katie head rick from chilton, wisconsin, where else, right? took home the title of the 2011 united states championship cheese contest,

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